Naprapathic treatment

Price: 855 kr

Time: 40 min

Naprapathic treatment

Naprapathic treatment aims to reduce pain and improve mobility in muscles and joints.

A naprapath is a specialist in manual medicine who focuses on examining and correcting imbalances, tension, and misalignments in the body.

The treatment may include various techniques such as manipulation, mobilization, stretching, massage, and exercise.

Naprapathic treatment is often used to alleviate conditions like back and neck pain, headaches, muscle stiffness, sports injuries, and other issues related to the musculoskeletal system. The goal is to restore the body's natural movement patterns and balance, as well as to enhance function and mobility.

Naprapathic treatment complements other medical care and rehabilitation and can be beneficial for individuals experiencing different types of discomfort and pain that affect their daily life and activities.

When needed, a naprapath can also provide advice on ergonomics, exercise, and lifestyle changes to promote a sustainable and healthy body.