Our therapists

Help for a pain-free everyday life - As licensed therapists, we help you towards better health and well-being. We always tailor our treatments according to your needs and goals.

Emmy Jardén - Legitimerad Fysioterapeut i Linköping

Emmy, licensed fysioterapeut, identifies the root cause of your concerns. Specializes in women's health. Enjoys family, friends, and staying active.

Andread Palmqvist - Legitimerad Naprapat i Linköping

Restore your active life with Andreas, a licensed naprapat who can tackle back pain, neck stiffness, and headaches. Golf and fishing enthusiast.

David Bringner - Legitimerad Naprapat i Linköping

David, a licensed naprapat, sees the full picture of your health. Specializes in shoulder area. Loves family time and history books.